The Adventure Begins!

We have started a bold experiment, a process and experience new to us.  We want to discover how 12 directors from various countries, cultures, and theater backgrounds can create new work together.  We are exploring the nature of collaboration, and what it means to a director.

This week, directors from New York City, Israel, Northern Ireland, Greece, Italy, India, Canada, Taiwan, and Germany met at Brooklyn college with a collection of project ideas and an ensemble of actors to start this exploration.

In this blog we will post an accounting of our process and experiences as we continue our work at the Irondale Center over the next two weeks.  So far it has been challenging and liberating, exhausting and energizing, frustrating and joyous: pretty much the range of emotions and impulses that drove us into theater to begin with.  And mostly we’re just having a lot of fun.

— Jay Stern, New York City



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