It’s all about space, no, wait, it’s all about heart…

It’s been two? Three years? More or less as we have embarked on this journey all together, and now it’s so amazing what we have that it is difficult to be described by words. Today it was the second day we worked at Irondale Center, a gorgeous space where you can get lost while really you get reconnected…  the space is something else compared to Brooklyn College and we had all to adjust and share… yes, share… and that brings me to my next subject… heart.

In a lunch meeting, the beautiful Ilaria, one of the actresses collaborating with us, said ‘you can feel there is much heart on this project… heart is there’. Well, guess what? It is true. Today, while sharing a big room for the second day in a row, with noises everywhere, people passing by, I came to realize something. It’s true that it’s important what we find together as directors, but it’s amazing what we prove to be as people (remember: people, NOT directors)… coming from all over the world and willing to get broke just to collaborate together AND overcoming differences to be together, for the pleasure of collaborating…  today, at the ‘Breakfast’ rehearsals someone said ‘there are too many directors here’ and I find myself commenting to another fellow directors that we love being in there because it’s a good place to be in, a place you can relax, because there is harmony. Because it’s a place where all our hearts are!

The readers would say ‘OH, so banal’… no, it’s not banal. In 2012 the world talks about globalization, talking a same language, understanding one another… well, we are doing it. Today, watching EVERYONE being there for everyone else in the room, helping, believing, sharing was kind of… unique? Magical? You choose the word. It is something is happening not because the stars are in a certain position or because a magical situation… it’s because we all want to be there, and we made it work!

In a more theater point of view, we found ourselves having to face the big space problem. We, theater artist always love thinking of a huge space where you can do everything. Here we have a huge space, to share with everyone else involved in the project, not easy… very challenging. Let’s see what the next days will bring.

There are times in your life when you feel something very special is happening… this is the time of World Wide Lab: A Directors’ Feast… it’s a special place, our own moon, our own Mars… a place we know there could be peace in the Middle East and everywhere else… I can’t stop saying that the work I am doing with all these wonderful friends, also great directors, it’s what makes life worth living!!!!

 — Laura Caparrotti (Rome, New York City)



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