I know how cliché it is when people can’t find the words to describe an experience. But I find myself struggling to best describe what we are going through here.  There’s an energy, a feeling, a ticking… an absolute aura surrounding us at Irondale.  We have collectively immersed ourselves into work not just for us as individuals, but as a group.  I find myself wanting every piece to be spectacular. I want the others to come into my rehearsals so the pieces I am working on will also be spectacular.  I find myself forgetting that there is a showcase coming up because I am so caught up in the magic of each moment here, where I can look at every corner and see different casts rehearsing.  Magic.  The ability to step inside another rehearsal just to watch or recharge or support or collaborate in minute ways is something that is not just special but crucial to our development as directors.  To have in our toolkit dozens of techniques and exercises from directors from around the globe is incredible.   And even though I think I am suffering from exhaustion it is merely a physical exhaustion. My creative spirit is fully awake in this bizarre theatrical utopian society we’ve created here and I’m wondering what will happen when this bubble must burst after the 18th and we have to wait another year to congregrate and create magic together again.  Who will I pull out of my hat at my next rehearsal when I am the singular voice in room without these magnificent minds and spirits around me?  I think each and every one of them at one point or another. That is what is so amazing about all this.  I know I sound like I’m in a cult and I surrendered my mind and soul here in NY but as cheesy as I sound it is true.  We are a cult with no leader.  And I’ve drunk the kool-aid.

Tonight we had our first mini showcase. I think it was a huge success for us in every way.  It was a glimpse into our future… our path.  I could not be prouder of everyone.  Next week this will all be a memory.  But I promised to catch myself inside magic moments in my life and not wait to reminisce about how incredible things were after the fact.   I am catching myself in this moment.  And  I can’t wait to see what is next for us all. Individually and collectively.

– Evan Tsitsias, Toronto, Canada



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