Parting words and refelctions


The directors share their thoughts about the 2012 WWLab.




The 2012 World Wide Lab was a place of new beginnings – in groups and pairs we started exploring and defining the different practical meanings of directors’ collaboration; we reunited and consolidated into an artistic home and for the first time not only to our core group of directors, but also to many other artists that assembled our 2012 company – actors, designers, musicians, writers and photographers. As an individual, I was able to finally start investigating ideas that were brewing inside me for months, searching for exactly this kind of atmosphere to be expressed for the first time. And finally, at the end of this year’s Lab, together we all immediately began developing and planning our 2013 World Wide Lab event!




So it’s been a few days since WWL has been over and I’m back in Toronto in full swing already and NY feels a million miles away again. But there is something still coursing through my veins and I know my body is still running on the adrenaline of the last few weeks. Once again, as a result of being around these magical directors, I have been changed. Not just professionally, but as a person. They each touch me in their own ways, both creatively and personally and I carry each of them with me everywhere I go. In my rehearsal today, I felt inspired by each of them and secretly wished I could go into the next room and call them over to come watch, support, and help me.  Till next year when the magic happens again.




I feel inspired by the ways other directors have acted over these three weeks, as individuals and together, inside and outside the rehearsal room. I am intrigued by the amount and the precision of verbal and non-verbal communication that was necessary for this experiment to succeed. Codirecting is not necessarily something every director would choose to do. I am fascinated by the practical tools on codirecting that we were able to discover and create together.



Years ago, talking about love relationships, my mom said that ‘it’s very difficult, it’s very important to be willing every day to make it working’. Thinking back the ‘to make it working’ is one of the deepest traits I have seen in the creation and development, as of now, of the WWL 2012. We made it working for ourselves, and for the other 12 directors involved in this crazy idea that is WWL. And we gave each other courage; I became a stronger artist just by seeing everyone else working around me. There are aspects to be adjusted, improved, shaped, but as much as it is true that a good dish comes from the way it’s cooked, if you don’t have great ingredients, the dish would never be good. And it’s clear now that our ingredients are excellent… we have just to find the best way to cook them together to perfection!



I came to this project not knowing really what to expect and left it with a deep feeling of camaraderie with my fellow directors.  I understand now a bit about how actors in an ensemble feel at the end of a long project.  The tight bonds they forge through working together is something we directors don’t get to experience in the same way.  There’s a newly-found closeness and intimacy between us now, and as the WWL is starting to become a unit, the professional intimacy among us all is really starting to show.  We didn’t really know each other’s work firsthand before this summer, and now we’ve observed each other’s processes in detail and know a lot more what each of us can do.  I began with questions and even a little trepidation, but I leave with new professional friends and feeling much more intimately part of a directors’ community.



We gathered in faith, belief, devotion and passion yet with director-friendly work being successfully-delivered, I am not sure if it showcased our directorial collaborations & input to witnesses ‘externally’!



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