Different Rules, Different Us

And here we are again. World Wide Lab 2013 has started. This year the rules are different: only 6 shows, each 30 minutes long. Two – or more – directors collaborating, only 14 actors. Yet, not only the rules are different, we all are.

“Right, Laura, that’s not news”.

It could sound banal but watching the group from afar it is very interesting to see how we are all experience the continuation of the Lab. In fact, some of us love to work together over and over, while others, and I fall into this category, look always for new partnerships. It’s the definition of collaboration that has been getting redefined over and over.

I am working with Vidhu Singh this year. Vidhu lives in San Francisco; she is originally from India and her accent, like mine, declares immediately where she is from. Vidhu loves comedy, satire, and irony. She always chooses plays that speak about society in a parody kind of way. This year she has proposed “Waxing West” a long play by Saviana Stanescu, which had its big debut in 2007 at La Mama ETC. The play tells the story of Daniela, a mail order bride from Romenia, who is sent to New York to marry Charlie, the geeky son of Ms. Aronson. The play, in case I haven’t said it already, it’s very long… 155 pages… I didn’t know this detail when I proposed to Vidhu to work together… maybe if I knew it I was going to be very scared, anyway I did ask Vidhu if she would want me as a co-director, she says yes and our collaboration began.

How is it going? Much better than I expected. Vidhu is easy to work with, we share the same taste in comedy and satire and we are actually having fun. We have terrific actors (Giulia Bisinella, Jacopo Rampini, Lenny Ciotti, Francesco Andolfi)… we laugh a lot! Even though we are about to enter the week where decisions are made and where the experiment become a show, I am happy for having challenge myself to work with a director I knew little. I went out my comfort zone and I am enjoying it. This is to me the World Wide Lab: a place where we take risks we wouldn’t take in our regular artistic process. As a person and as a director.

— Laura Caparrotti, New York / Rome



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