Campo de Fiori, meaning the Field of Flowers, or else the square in which Giordano Bruno was burned.


Castel Sant Angelo, used by the popes as a fortress and castle which communicates with the Vatican via a secret passage. Also, the castle in which Beatrice Cenci was kept before her execution, which resulted from her violent resistence that followed her rape by her father. Her ghost is rumoured to return to Castel Sant Angelo on every anniversary of her death.

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Piazza di Spagna, with the 135-step staircase, called “the Spanish steps”, with the church of the Santissima Trinita dei Monti on top, at the moment covered with a huge Voiello advertisement.

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Piazza di Spagna was one of the locations where Woody Allen shot his “From Rome with Love” and you can hear the classic “Volare” by Domenico Modugno, also used by Woody Allen in his film, played by street musicians.

This year’s Lab seems to be dealing not only with the site, Teatro Due Roma, but also with the city. We are working with Italian artists, one of our two co-artistic directors, Laura Caparotti, is Roman, our scripts have been translated into Italian and we listen, as during our rehearsals, Italian actors speak in their language and wait for our notes in English.

And what about “Young Lear”, the piece Annie Levy and I are co-directing? This exploration through and in the theatre of something difficult, heart-breaking and international, the relationship between two different generations? This exploration that needs to be done by each of us, individually, in our homes and in our parents’ homes, is also done here, on a stage, in which we imagine a Roman hospital waiting room with adult children pacing impatiently, anticipating news on a patient. Their father. Debating who will take him home to look after him. After the hospital. Some are not really willing.

The city, the lab, our languages, our personalities, our five projects. Intertwined. Enlaces.

– Ioli Andreadi, Athens 



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