Why Obstacles Don’t Matter

I have only been here 5 days and had only 2 full rehearsals but I am already so proud of the little piece, Imperium, that Evan Cummings and I have created. It has so much potential. I can’t even imagine how more wonderful it would have been if both Evan and I had come earlier and worked together, in the same room (let alone time zone) with our actors for the full 3 weeks. That being said, it has been somewhat liberating to have so many obstacles thrown at us.  When control is taken away from you (with no malicious intent) there is a certain point where you can only throw up your hands and say:

“FUCK IT. I will do the best I can, with what I have.”

And then do it.

As an Indie artist from Toronto I’m pretty used to working with constraints. This year’s WWL is a new level, even for me. Besides working in a foreign language and being assaulted by gelato shops on every corner; despite, dealing with draconian rules laid out by certain powers that be, a most serious lack of funds, shortage of manpower, unruly wi-fi, unforgiving time zones, crazy rehearsal schedules, ridiculous “tasse”, vicious & unrelenting mosquitos, and one very jet lagged baby; somehow, we are less than 3 days away from opening another show. Yes, actors are nervous, designers are burning the midnight oil and the producers are literally, keeping the wolves at bay (this is Rome after all), but all I see, all I feel, from everyone around me, is the desire to do the work and create some meaningful art. It seems this is happening, once more, by the sheer will power, creativity and love we all have for each other.

Laura Caparroti, our fearless Italian host of this “pazzesco” endeavor recently wrote a FB post “We shall never forget about the power of collaboration..”

I shall not forget, Laura. More importantly, I shall never doubt the power of this group.

– Esther Jun, Toronto



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