One sees great things from the valley, only small things from the peak.

The 2014 World Wide Lab opens its doors tonight. After three weeks of developing work in laboratory conditions, tonight at 9pm we will welcome our audience to join our creative process and take part in our theatrical experiment by observing our work as it continues to grow in live performances.

As the co-artistic director of this year’s lab, I was able to witness the growth of the five pieces in our 2014 program. At the beginning, through Skype and email conversations as the collaborative co-directing teams were forming, and in the past few weeks here in Rome, live in the rehearsal room and from the back rows of our hosting venue Teatro Due.

I was able watch each project’s mysterious journey from raw ideas to formulated questions, from black letters typed on a white page to colorful staged images and multi-layered visions. I observed newly matched co-directors as they were negotiating their working policies, while familiar collaborative duets were confronted by new challenges. Like previous years, I saw our ensemble, the unbelievably talented and committed 2014 acting company, going through our demanding roller-coaster of a process with us, thrilled by the excitement of the lab and at times shaken by its intensity. I observed the World Wide Lab working together passionately in full power.

Last night during our directors meeting, as we are preparing ourselves for tonight’s opening, we tried to glimpse into the future. We were sharing thoughts on the immense amount of work this project requires, on the lack of funding and the anxieties and trumoils of the WWLab. As we were going through these challenges, there was a strange and strong sensation of care growing in the air. We were ten independent directors in a cafe in Rome choosing not to give up. It felt good to be part of this strange group of people choosing to stay together and do theatre against all odds.

When we greet the audience at the theatre tonight I would like to share this spirit with them, to invite them into our journey so they may get a glimpse of us from the inside. Not as a finished product, but as project of continous growth. We are still struggling to climb this gigantic WWLab mountain. And yes, we have yet to reach the top. However, some great things can be seen from here.

– Orly Noa Rabinyan, Tel Aviv



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