My first Lab, a World Wide experience

It was about four years ago when my dear friend and associate Laura told me about the meeting with an exotic group of directors. In the years after, she kept telling me about her thrilling once-a-year experience in the Lab. But it was probably only when she called me from the faboulous land of Watermill in an over excited state of mind that I realized how big they were playing. Finally, it was only a few weeks ago that I fully understood what she was talking about.

For sure, such an experience couldn’t just be “told”. It had to be litterally experienced. And here I am, dealing with a complex net of insane rules (from the country and from the theater), panic crises (only a couple, thank God!), a few moments of hysteria from some of us (including myself) and a lot of other crazy nonsense. In the middle of the mess, incredibly enough, ideas are coming out, finding their place in a positive artistic process. The experiment is going on, the miracle of creation is performing!

Well, the process of “art making” is obviously a long life one for all these people around me. But the group is evidently sharing a common intent, challenging everybody’s professional and human skills. The whole thing is tough, it requires compromising, good will and patience. The prize is the feeling of being part of a community, growing, sharing emotions and aims. The result is a comprehensive theater experience, multicultural, multilingual, multifaceted.

Of course, the shows are not fully accomplished ones (it’s a lab, after all!). They are more than that, in a way, though. In fact, even if they cannot reach the harmony and the balance of a regular production, they have a unique richness: as a work in progress, they unveil the secret path of the artistic creation, and show its power. This material is not for everybody’s taste, but it is a quite special meal for true theater lovers and addicts.

Now I know. I understand. And I am proud of being part of it.

– Donatella Codonesu, Rome



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