The World Wide Lab in My Hometown

What a journey. This is my third “World Wide Lab” year. I landed in Rome the day before the rehearsals started, still filled with New York energy, not really thinking of what this edition would be like. Rome is my hometown, but I lived in New York for the past five years. Working in Rome was definitely an experience I wasn’t accustomed to. I separated for the past five years my work life in New York and my rare time of “vacation” in Rome, which I always used to spend time with my family, eat, drink and exchange Christmas presents. This time was different. Everything mixed together and it became an opportunity to look more closely inside my Rome, my city: in all its nuances, habits, thoughts, feelings of its own. It was a time of big decisions for me and self-discovery.

I was involved in two extremely interesting projects: “Young Lear”, directed by Ioli Andreadi and Annie Levy and “Lion in the Streets,” directed by Even Tsitsias and Vidhu Singh. The two characters I worked on had me dig in very deep in my self, not only in my capabilities as an actor, but also as a human being trying to fully embrace these lives through the words of these amazing plays. This being my third year of World Wide Lab I knew how crazy it could get when you try to stage such ambitious projects in such little time, but every time it’s a surprise!! And…It is more challenging than we remembered. But, because it is such a great ensemble of artists (actors and directors), always, we find a way out, the artists in us do, and we have to trust them.

I always wish there was more time to explore, or we could take all this wonderful work to the next level. But I mostly wish not to forget all the discoveries, the inspirations I found as an artist and the love for the work itself, as it is.

Now, as the show has opened and this journey is about to end, I’m at the same, usual, wonderful point.

Let’s pack the actor’s suitcase and move to the next place.

My next project will surprisingly take me to Sicily, so again, more time to re- discover my Italy and fall in love one more time with it.

And then Florida… New York again, and then who knows.

But, of course, I’m not alone. Especially in the World Wide Lab.

– Ilaria Ambrogi, Rome / New York



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