It’s the start of a new year of the World Wide Lab, and 2015 finds us in a new country – Greece – the home country of lab director Ioli Andreadi. We’re battling scorching sun and precipitous stairways and a new language barrier to create another evening of theater. And we have a great inspiration for a theme: under the Aegean sky we are creating three pieces inspired by the theme of ancient Greek theater.

Ioli and I are the 2015 lab’s co-artistic directors, and our goal is to open things up a bit more and have the three directing teams work closely with each other, not just on their own pieces, but on the evening as a whole. We’re in residency in an institute on the island of Syros this year, and joining us are 10 actors from Syros, Athens, and the US. We’re all living in the institute together so we’re getting to know each other very well already. After one day of rehearsals, the actors are already throwing themselves into the work, and I suspect they’re going to be particularly fun to work with throughout this process.

So we’re off and running with a thousand questions and challenges as usual, but we’re excited to be back together in a room creating theater. We’ll be posting here each day describing our experiences throughout the lab.

– Jay Stern, New York City

The view from the Syros Institute, where we're staying and rehearsing.

The view from the Syros Institute, where we’re staying and rehearsing.



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