Our Designers Speak

Besides the directors and actors, each year we collaborate with a design team. This year we have two designers, one local to Syros, the other from Thessaloniki, in Northern Greece. We asked them to share their thoughts. about working with the World Wide Lab. So say hello to our two designers for the 2015 lab, Penelope Aslanoglou and Katerina Kolliopoulou.

How does one feel surrounded by so many talented people? I wonder… Or at least I used to…
At first nervous…
Am I capable of becoming part of this magical group?
Everyone is incredibly creative…consistent…artistic!
Then inspired…they make a gesture, a move, a sound… and suddenly you are floating, overwhelmed with images… suddenly you become one with them!
Pride! Yes! You have ideas! Many ideas! Uncountable ideas and people listen! They accept them… they get involved with them!
In the world wide lab you are never alone; someone is always there to share, to evolve…
You become greedy! With every chance you get, you seek to spend more time with the team… you are searching for even more ideas, only to satisfy your greed and satisfy everyone.
I am holding the script and I am trying to find a way to satisfy the “needs” and “wants” of 8 different people… 8 different directors…
However, the audience is one…the script is one…all of us have become one!
It is strange, how in such little time, so many unique minds begin to think the same thing.
All for one and one for all!
When I read the three theatrical pieces, I thought it would be impossible to combine them.
So many questions…
So many “needs”…
So many “wants”…
But then, every director has the answers you need and all the pieces fall in place.
Everything seems right!
Will all be fine on stage?
The applause will tell…

— Penelope Aslanoglou, Syros


I had a dream last night. In that dream I was in Tali’s place in Ecclesiazusae (Aristophanes’ Assembly Women) and the guys were my puppeteers. As I contemplated about my dream’s true meaning, I quickly figured I didn’t need a psychology degree. I, as a matter of fact, managed to interpret two messages sent by my inner self:

The first, is how overwhelming it is to work with the World Wide Lab. I’ve been under its bewildering effect since day one. The rehearsals, the plays, the directors and actors, Penelope, the entire frenetic process in itself. All the enthusiasm and anxiety that feeds our creativity process is transforming us day after day. Syros, with its dreamy vocational environment, is not only embracing, but multiplying the effect.

The second, is about working with people from different backgrounds, cultures, and languages. That misconstrued fear of an “inconvenience” that was never invalidated. In my experience so far, everyone has been using their differences as tools; tools to create, collaborate, and above all communicate.

Who knew that on our 9th day on the island we would not only talk more to each other, but we would also listen more! As for the Lab’s final outcome? As we say in my hometown, Thessaloniki: “we’re having a great time and it will be obvious on-stage!”

— Katerina Kolliopoulou, Thessaloniki 




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