Working as an ensemble coordinator I have the opportunity to be a bridge between the actors and the directors. So I can look far and in deeper. Day by day, I have noticed a great growth in self-confidence and in trust between every single member of our team. The first week was important to share and explore a physical language and to build up the group. This past week has been essential to solidify the bond between actors, directors, stories and personal experiences IN my opinion, the theme we chose is hard to handle, especially in the Eastern world. In fact, I realized that the word “trauma” in Asia has a specific power and strength that is far away from the western concept of the same word. During all our improvisations, we discovered the way in which we can show this word on the stage and the remedies to heal ourselves. IT is very simple to create another danger in our souls touching this topic, but I would always remind to myself and to all the artists that theater is an art different from life. It should be in touch we life, but not completely overlaid. That means that, as artists, we always should find a way to bring the surprise to the audience, to drag them in our stories, without creating further dangers or traumas. However, during this week, we shared our personal traumas, but we often found a way to heal our souls, thanks to the generosity and the warmth of the group. As the ensemble coordinator, I must say I am very proud of our group so able to share emotions and to protect all the members. So, thanks to the generosity of the actors and the great support of the directors, I could see many scenes of physical poetry, in a land where imagination is strictly connected with emotions. Now I am very excited of seeing and living the next week of our Lab, during which we will compose one single story and we will open our door and heart to the audience. I can not wait!

—Francesco Meola, Italy


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