What is the Lab?


The World Wide Lab is a truly international collective, with members who are creating dynamic, diverse and engaging work in every corner of the globe. First coming together as members of the Lincoln Center Theater Directors Lab in the Summer of 2010, we desired to continue collaborating with each other in a way that would draw on the best elements of our Lab experience. While the role of Director can often be insular, we were inspired by the opportunity to share our techniques, our ideas, our stories – all of which are deeply rooted in the places we come from and the experiences we’ve had. Our geographic and cultural diversity serves as our inspiration for WorldWideLab: A Directors Festival. The work we present will be possible through an openness to learn from, and share with, our collaborators. Through theater, borders can become inconsequential. Our mission is to share stories from far and near with audiences all around the world.

photo by Tom Henning

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