What is the Lab?


How do we find a global, theatrical language that serves the stories we want to tell?

The World Wide Lab is an international directors’ collective, with members who are creating dynamic, diverse and engaging work in every corner of the globe.  We first met at the Lincoln Center Theatre Directors Lab, and were so inspired by the relationships forged there that a core group of us began to develop the idea of an international directors’ festival with an emphasis on co-directing.  We desired to continue collaborating with each other in a way that would draw on the best elements of our Lab experience: learning about traditions other than our own, collaborating on new ideas and techniques, and working on projects and methods outside of our normal practice.  The Lincoln Center Theater Directors Lab gave us an opportunity to experiment in ways we aren’t normally able to. The international span of our group, with eleven directors from eight countries, has opened up the possibility of a wide range of cultural exchange, allowing us to  cross borders and cultures both geographically and  theatrically.

photo by Tom Henning

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